Founded in 1972 by William (Bill) G. Neufeld, a master tool maker and missionary with the desire to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, AMAMCO Tool was built on the ideals of precision, craftsmanship, and integrity.

Mr. Neufeld began his career in the carbide cutting tool industry in 1957. He served his apprenticeship in Saginaw, Michigan and during the next twelve years, his expertise and enterprise took him into key positions at several of Detroit's leading carbide tool manufacturers including Fullerton Tool, Rotary Tool and the Earl Huff Company.

After relocating to South Carolina, Bill Neufeld started AMAMCO Tool (American Manufacturing and Marketing Company) with a loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA), in June of 1972. During the 1970s, AMAMCO Tool grew from a small tool shop of 10 employees, operating in a 1,200 sq. ft. converted barn, to a growing company employing around 20 skilled machinists in a 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, located in Duncan, S.C.

Neufeld quickly recognized the need for a custom solutions provider of innovative tool design and manufacture. His early success revealed that he had spearheaded a trend toward a higher level of professionalism among regional toolmakers. Within a decade, AMAMCO Tool set a high-quality benchmark for cutting tools, as well as on-time product delivery and business management integrity that continues to maintain the company's success to the present.

By the 1980s, AMAMCO Tool's reputation for quality and reliable service earned attention within the nation's aircraft and aerospace industry. Not hesitant to respond to the challenge of producing to the exact tolerances and cutting geometries required of aerospace contractors, the company's growth once again doubled to the level of 47 employees, 36 of which were trained toolmakers. During the '80s, the company upgraded throughout its operations, implementing advanced IT systems & computer services, as well as adopting industry quality standards and acquiring state-of-the-art CNC equipment (automated, high-precision grinding machinery.)

The company diversified its customer base, to include the automotive and marine industries, which also require high precision carbide cutting tools, during the 1990s. By then, the company was known as a trusted provider of special-need solutions and innovation. The company had carved out a niche and reputation as a cost-lowering solutions provider for specialized needs.

AMAMCO Tool was built to offer alternatives to the mass-produced, 'off-the-shelf' tool that may cost less but require multiple hit rates and deliver short tool life. AMAMCO Tool is a custom cutting tool-manufacturing company that supplies precise geometry tools for manufacturers in industries such as aerospace, automotive and marine—from top-tier Boeing and Lockheed to the smallest experimental and prototype builders, using materials and innovations for the future.

During the 1990s and since 2000, AMAMCO Tool's workforce has grown to more than 85, and the company continues to update its facility with improved equipment and workspaces. We see the current success of AMAMCO Tool as a testimony to Bill Neufeld’s biblical standards, as well as to his ideals and care for his employees.

The company continues to receive superior ratings and meet strict regulation requirements as an approved manufacturer for major industries such as aerospace, aircraft, automotive and general machining.

AMAMCO Tool was one of the first manufacturers in the state of South Carolina to adopt the ISO 9000 Quality Program. As a result, the company has been nominated and recognized by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce for industry quality excellence.