AMAMCO Tool is not just in the tool business, "we're in the business of making holes."

This saying underscores the application focus that drives the way AMAMCO Tool designs and makes our tools.

Beginning with a collaborative design approach, each tool is developed using the best knowledge of the customer's engineers, AMAMCO tool engineers, and AMAMCO master toolmakers. This leads to a finished tool with geometries and custom features that fulfill the customer need in a practical, long-term way.

Because each tool is developed for the application, AMAMCO tools are effective at making the holes and cuts for which they are designed. As a result, the customer experiences less material waste—very important when dealing with precision components and costly, high-performance materials.

Finally, because repeatability is so important, AMAMCO Tool employs exacting inspection processes, so each tool is made to print every time, whether it's the first of its kind or the thousandth.


CUT WITH INTEGRITY through Customized, Collaborative, Cutting-tool solutions that Create exceptional results in machining and assembly applications.
(THE 5 Cs)


To provide expert solutions in composite machining and metal removal for every company on every spindle.