An international injection molding company was launching a new product and needed a more efficient manufacturing process. Their process was to rough a groove in H-13 steel, finish the groove, and then chamfer the groove—three steps. A heating element was then inserted into the groove.

AMAMCO tool engineer, Helmut Tuemmel looked at the process and developed tool geometries to reduce the three-step process to one step. Helmut created a blueprint and AMAMCO Tool conducted a test to fine-tune the operation.

The AMAMCO solid carbide Ballnose Endmill now roughs, finishes, and chamfers the groove in a single process. In addition to reducing the number of steps (and the number of tools involved) from three to one, the AMAMCO Tool solution reduced machine cycle time by more than half (from 90 minutes to 40 minutes), and increased tool life by 25 percent.