Because of the growing need for JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) components, AMAMCO Tool was asked to help develop a router specifically for composites. AMAMCO Tool worked with the National Center for Defense Manufacturing & Machining (NCDMM) to create a compression router that was tested for tool life and delamination.

The AMAMCO compression router's unique geometries, in which the flutes intersect from both directions, were developed and refined by an AMAMCO team including Master Fluter, Andy Childress.

Based on NCDMM test results, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company approved the tool for the F-35 project. Testing has proven that with the tool, Lockheed Martin can machine a complete skin with only two cutting tools. The tool provides a 6X cutting distance increase, from nine feet to 57 feet. The number of tools required is reduced significantly (from 24 to two), as is overall programming time. NCDMM estimates* the cost savings at $80,000 per aircraft or $222 million over the life of the F-35 project.

* NCDMM Case study