AMAMCO Tool was founded in 1972, focusing on the ideals of precision, craftsmanship and integrity. Adhering to these founding principles, the company quickly became known for its innovative design, custom geometries, and exacting quality in both craftsmanship and customer service.

Because of its quality, precision, and custom design capabilities, AMAMCO rose to be a leading provider of carbide cutting tools for custom applications in precision-demanding industries including aerospace and composites—particularly those that require the highest quality and tightest tolerances—where it has to be right the first time.

Engineers for the leading aerospace and composite manufacturers look to AMAMCO for tooling that is application specific, long-lasting, and dependable—In many situations, a blown hole or delamination can cost the customer tens of thousands of dollars. The confidence and program / project cost savings these engineers gain when they specify AMAMCO is more than worth the investment.

Each AMAMCO tool provides a durable, high-performance, high-quality solution, consistent with both the company's founding principles and documented practices that have earned AMAMCO Tool certification under the AS9100D and ISO 9001 quality system.

Today, AMAMCO is known for some of the finest milling, drilling, routing and countersinking tools for the aerospace and composite industries, using the highest quality materials, coatings and finishes. Each tool is designed and manufactured applying standards that utilize proven custom geometries to offer significantly longer tool life than other off-the-shelf alternatives.

Each tool can be customized for your particular application and most can be reconditioned for extended tool life.